How I Interview New 김해출장마사지 Massage Clients

김해출장마사지 massage therapist is going to talk about client communication. Specifically what to do during that first-ever

interview with your client. That first time you’re ever seeing them face to face.

If you’d like to skip ahead to any portion of this video, click on the time codes in the description. Before we get a client in here to do some role-playing, I’d like to talk about what my goals are for this first-ever interview.

I don’t want to skip over this interview or make it too short, because this can be kind of an anxious time for clients and us. This first-ever interview is important for setting the tone for the rest of your therapeutic relationship, which could last for years.

I know that some of you are working at 김해출장마사지 massage franchises where you have like three minutes before a 김해출장마사지 massage to get people on the table. It’s still possible to make some changes to this interview that can promote a good therapeutic relationship.

If you’d like to see my tips for that, I did a live video on Facebook. If you’d like to see that, you can click on the description. Now, if you’ve got more time than that, and I do like a good amount of time between my clients, I like to take that first interview at a slow pace.

It allows the client to kind of tell their story and it allows me to ask the amount of follow-up questions that I want to ask, and to kind of inform my client what I’m about, and how I’m going to proceed.

During that interview, I’ve got four goals. The first is to establish rapport. Rapport is that trust and open communication that can exist between you and a health care practitioner. The way that we present ourselves, the way that we present our knowledge, the questions that we ask, and the way that we listen can all add up to a strong rapport.

Two, I want to demystify massage. I want to take the mystery out of this whole unusual situation. Even if it’s not their first massage, even if it’s their hundredth massage, I still want to tell them what’s going to happen, what I’m going to do, and what I expect from them.

And you’ll see that in the client interview, I’m about to do. Third, I want to empower the client. In any clinical setting, there can be a power differential where the client goes in, they perceive this other person as the expert, and they don’t perceive themselves as an expert.

That’s what I want to change. I want to take any possible opportunity to let them know that they are the expert in the room when it comes to their unique body and their history, and who they are. So, as much as I want to give knowledge and show that I am a capable 김해출장마사지 massage therapist, I also want to let them know that I value their input, that I value what they have to say about their personal history, about who they are, and about what they’re feeling.

So, anything that I can do to promote them seeing themselves as an expert and empower them to use their voice, to speak up when something hurts, or when there’s not enough pressure, or when the temperature isn’t right in the room.

Any chance that I can get them to use their voice and to take part in this two-way relationship? I find that valuable. My fourth goal is to get good actionable information from my clients. That pre-massage interview can go something like this.

“Does anything hurt today? Alright. Get on the table, I’ll knock in a minute.” It can be that short, but that hasn’t given me any good information on how I can customize that message to that client. So, I make sure to ask open-ended questions.

김해출장마사지 benefits

My favorite is, “What brings you in for a 김해출장마사지 aroma therapy massage today?” And then, once I’ve asked those questions, I wait. I give them the time and the space to give a full answer without interrupting. Without jumping in.

If they’re able to take their time and tell their whole story, think about how different that is from other healthcare situations where it’s all rush, rush, rush. I do ask questions though. I’m able to get the best information by asking follow-up questions to those open-ended questions.

So, if they talk about their low back, I’ll ask questions about their hips, about whether they have any pain that shoots down their legs. If they’ve got shoulder problems, I’ll ask about their neck and the base of their skull, and if they have any headaches.

So, asking follow-up questions can get you information that otherwise wouldn’t have been volunteered and it will help build that rapport. It will help them realize that you do have some expertise and that you want to hear what they have to say.

And, every part of this first interview, these are all opportunities to build rapport and demystify and get good information and all that stuff that I just mentioned. So, let’s see what that looks like with a client.

So, this is Madison. Hi. So, notice the way that I’m beginning. I’m not doing this. I’m not looming over my client. I think that’s important on kind of a psychological level, that you’re not putting yourself above your client.

So, either sit at the same level, or if they’re standing you can stand, or you can be at a level below them. And if I hadn’t had a chance to do this yet, I do like to tell them a little about myself. So, Madison I’ve been doing massage for about 11 years now, and I typically do a kind of massage called myofascial release, kind of mixed with Swedish massage.

So, it might be a little bit slower than what you’re used to. So, let me know if that pace is ever not quite right for you, okay? Okay. Alright. So, letting people know who you are and what you do, can start building that rapport that we were talking about.

So, Madison, what brings you in for a 창원출장마사지 massage today? Well, I have really bad shoulders, my lower back hurts, and I feel like tightness up all in my neck. Alright. Do any of these stand out more than the others? My lower neck.

Lower neck. I have trouble with my neck all the time. Okay. Show me where exactly you feel that pain. I would say, right about where … I don’t know, I know nothing about the spine and stuff, but right here and where like the neck, this bone.

Yeah. Okay. When someone tells me about their pain, I ask them to show me because what one person means by lower neck or lower back, someone else will mean something very different. So, I have them point it out and I mirror that on myself so that when they look at me they can see I know exactly what they’re talking about, that I’m not missing the point.

So, Madison, do you ever get cricks in your neck where it’s hard to turn? Oh, all the time. How frequently do you get those? I mean at least four or five times a day I have to crack my neck. Do you ever wake up and you just can’t look over your shoulder? No, not really.

It’s more just like it hurts like it’s stiff. Okay. Do you ever get headaches? Yeah. How often do you get those? Maybe like once a week or so. Okay. When you get them, where do you feel them? Like kind of, they kind of like start back here and they kind of like migrate forward to up in here.

Okay. And that makes perfect sense to me. That’s a pattern that I see fairly often. Just kind of that wrapping around. Now as I’m working with your neck, if you ever feel any of that sensation kind of at the back of your head or toward the front, just let me know that there’s kind of that activation happening.

Okay? And, as far as your low back, where do you feel that? I feel that like right here. Okay. Like, yeah. That area. So kind of at the very bottom. Do you ever get pain that goes down further than that?

Say, in your hip or leg? No, I haven’t noticed that yet. It’s more just like stiffness. Alright. So, when you’re asking these follow-up questions, do your best not to give a different level of response based on whether the answer is positive or negative.

So, if she had answered that she did have pain in her hip, I shouldn’t say, “Oh, good!” I shouldn’t get excited about that, because giving a more enthusiastic response to this positive response can kind of lead the witness and that’s not what I want.

So, Madison in a second here I’m going to step out of the room. When I do, I’d like you to get as undressed as you’re comfortable with. For some people that’s being completely undressed, some people choose to leave their underpants on and if you do that’s fine.

I would like to work with your hips. Would that be alright if I made contact with this area? Oh absolutely, yeah. Okay. And I do like to make sure that I show them what I mean by “hips,” so that there’s no confusion.

You can always choose to leave more or less clothes on. You can be completely dressed, okay? It’s always up to you. And your clothes can go right over there. And as I’m working, do let me know if I’m ever too far into your personal space, if you ever feel uncomfortable, or if you feel a draft.

You should always feel well-covered and comfortable, okay? Thank you. Yes. And also, pressure. If I’m ever using too much pressure, if you’re ever gritting your teeth or holding your breath to kind of get through a technique, that may not be too much for you, but that’s too much for me, okay? So, don’t suffer in silence and please do give me a head’s up.

Alright? Thank you. Alright. So, I know that may have been kind of thorough, but I do that on purpose. I like to, especially for this first interview, I like to err on the side of talking too much, asking too many questions, and giving them plenty of opportunities to let me know more about themselves.

Alright, so that’s how I deal with a first-ever client interview. Let me know if you do anything differently. Let me know if you have any suggestions or anything that you’d like to add. Thanks again to my Patreon supporters for making it possible for me to teach in my weird way.

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