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Posts published in August 2017

Time To Update Your Old Roof

A good roof is crucial for the comfort and safety of your home. It is in the first line of defense against all weather conditions, but how often do you think about your roof and how good is the condition of it? You may, like most homeowners, inspect and clean the gutters once a year, but otherwise you probably do not look up to your roof unless there is something that makes you do that, like when it looks really bad that you have to do something about it, or when obvious leaking appears and forces you to call a professional roof repair service.

If it happens that you really do not have any experience in roof maintenance and you do not know how to determine whether something is wrong and when should you call a professional roofing service, further in this article you will be able to read something more about most frequent roof damages and learn how to notice them.

What Are the Obvious Signs of Roof Damage?

There are many signs that may indicate that something is wrong with your roof, and here will be listed just some of them. Your roof may look normal and give away no signs of possible damage. However, if a timber below your roof line is rooten then this may be a clear sign that the water is getting somewhere through your roof and making your roof constantly wet. Blistered painted surfaces can also be an indicator of a wet timber. If you notice that the certain areas of your roof are slightly or badly discolored, then this may be a sign of algae and algae, in order to flourish, need moisture, so there might be even a more serious problem than just how to get rid of algae. Another sign that you may need the help of a professional roofing service is corrosion around the guttering. If you happen to have a tile roof, then look for areas where cement might come loose like on capping tiles or ridge. If your roof is sagging then this is more than an obvious sign that it will need a serious repair or that it will even need to be totally replaced. Look up to your ceiling and if you see brown spots or streaks, then this is a sign that there are leaking places on your roof that are letting the water come through.

Hiring a Roofing Company

If you spot any of these signs then it is definitely time for you to find and hire your Eastern Melbourne Roofing company. Ask friends to give you recommendations about the companies whose services they have used recently, or search the internet to find your perfect roofing company that can inspect your roof in detail and do the necessary repairs quickly and professionally. Once you hire the roofing company that seems the best to you and it finishes its job, your roof will be like the new one again and it will be able to provide you and all other inhabitants of your house with all the safety and comfort that you need.